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low budget * low material * high quality

My greatest passion lies in creating engaging, relevant, science curriculum. I love developing materials that push students to think more deeply, and that encourage students to apply their knowledge in new ways. It's also important to me that such materials are low-budget and low-material, but extremely high quality, so that teachers everywhere can access amazing educational materials.


This website is being built day by day! Keep checking back to see what's new, because it's growing rapidly.


Virtual Photosynthesis Lab with Differentiation Ideas
"Being a special education teacher, I don't always have access to a lab, so this digital lab was very helpful! It covered everything a typical lab would while being virtual."
- SpEd Lifeline

Natural Selection Data Analysis & CER

"It was challenging for them, but they still enjoyed it. Made them think!"

- Sabrina R.

Histology Tissues Lab Bundle

"I LOVE these labs! It has changed my histology unit in Anatomy and Phys forever! During this unit I typically have students use microscopes and make painstaking drawings, and I typically did most of the work running from station to station to clarify or find what they were "supposed" to be seeing. This makes life so much better AND the kids are actually getting much more out of the experience and knowing what specific tissues actually look like. This resource is AMAZING and thank you so much for sharing!"

- Victoria B

Pedigree Project & Genetic Counseling

"This really was an authentic assessment for my students learning about pedigrees and genetic counseling. Thanks for making it!"

- Beth B.

Salt Dough Landforms Model Project
"My students had so much fun with this project! Having everything laid out clearly made facilitating super easy!"
- Hannah M.

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